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Community Development: Intelligent Decision Support System
by Tooba Batool
Year: 2008
Type: Dissertation
Publisher: NCBA&E
Abstract: Community development is a process that involves the community in building a sustainable future. The aim of developing “Community Development Intelligent Decision Support System” (CDIDSS) is to improve the living conditions of people through close collaborating with all tiers of government, public and private sectors.
It is a universally recognized phenomenon that sustainable patterns of socioeconomic development cannot be attained without mainstreaming women as equal contributors for the development process. Therefore it is essential to increase the female empowerment by their training, awareness and utilizing the resources of rural area for economic stability. The CDIDSS will provide a complete framework for developing practicable business patterns to facilitate all phases of local women’s decision-making process for sustainable income generating activity. It provides complete support and awareness so that the talents and skills of female sector can be brought into practice through various partnerships and e-technologies.
The main problem of our community is economic stability and according to the Federal Bureau of Statistics 2007-2008 survey labor force participation rates in Pakistan is 32.17% in which female workers constitute 14.01% and male 49.34%. It concludes that the participation of woman in economic development is very low; our woman is dependent on man for her living. For community development, it is essential to utilize the potential of female sector for economic stability. Many organizations, government agencies and NGOs launch number of projects to support the females of rural area but the problems are unawareness about projects, choice of project, difficult process of contacting relevant resource, long procedure of filling forms, choice of grant etc.
This purpose of this research is to bring organizations, NGOs, government agencies and users on one platform. The proposed framework will provide a system which will cater the complete profile of female candidates, containing personal, professional, academic and financial information. After analysis of information provided by the candidate, system (CDIDSS) will suggest which technical course or activity is suitable, how to operate, manage and conduct market-related activities, decisions related to sales, purchase, price negotiations and promotional matters as well. Furthermore system will also provide links for the arrangement of suitable financial support from relevant public/private organizations like PRSP (Punjab Rural Area Support Program), Agha Khan Support program, Zakat & usher committee, Social Welfare and Micro Credit etc.
This framework incorporates prediction, optimization, and inductive learning techniques for the proper utilization of community resources to improve the quality of life.
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