Campus Life

campus life at NCBA&E

NCBA&E is home to a vibrant campus life. Our campus at Lahore beckon you to explore the variety of opportunities to meet people, have fun, and be part of the campus community. While earning your degree, you'll make friends and memories that will last a lifetime.

There's something for everyone on the campus of NCBA&E:


NCBA&E lies in the heart of the city... Gulberg! Life here is all time filled with colors of learning, success, hard work and entertainment. It is way beyond what is taught in lectures, for it’s a lifestyle groomed and polished everyday with new explorations and learning experiences. Situated nearby shopping malls, computer centers, famous markets and the grand Gadaffi stadium, the college has an easy and approachable location for both, students with own conveyance and those travelling by public transport. Not just location but other facilities in the college are worth mentioning, such as: premises equipped with air conditioned teaching auditoriums with multimedia facility, different special purpose computing centers, a reference library with online access to different digital databases, faculty offices, sports facilities and common area for student interaction.


There is a well-equipped and efficient computer network available at the premises. A Wi-Fi system has also been installed to facilitate the students, faculty and staff members for their personal/portable computers. Web surfing opportunities with the access to various online libraries have also been introduced in the laboratories of the college. Computer support staff is all time available for the help of students.


There is a well-equipped library which has a large number of volumes on areas of Management, Economics, Social Sciences, Finance, Information Technology and Computer Sciences. The library subscribes to several academic and business journals and magazines, besides collecting reports from companies and government departments. It is being continuously developed and updated.


A self-contained bookshop called “The Racks” has been provided on the campus to make available to the students prescribed text books, reference material, support literature recommended by the course instructor and a wide range of stationary items. The bookshop also provides Xeroxing facility to the students and arranges binding of dissertations, theses and reports.


The College houses several large lecture rooms. All fully air-conditioned and equipped with audio-video facilities. The facilities in these rooms create an atmosphere conducive to learning.


The campus has a tastefully designed cafeteria. The cafeteria serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. Besides snacks, special meals and prepared on request, food is prepared under hygienic conditions, regularly monitored by college administration. The cafeteria operations are subsidized to ensure that the students get good quality food at inexpensive rates to revitalize their taste buds.


The college has introduced a semester based gazette for better flow of information about important activities amongst students, faculty and staff members. This has become an effective way of informing the student community of the college's commitment, programs and prospects relative to what is being planned and accomplished.


SOAL has been initiated for general students in which experts from different fields conduct short seminars. Students from other institutions are also encouraged to register and attend the lectures.


The college provides personalized counseling and guidance to all students of the college. Two or more Academic Advisors are assigned to each discipline as a new batch is enrolled in the college. The academic advisors are available for assistance in planning programs of study, assessing educational goals, understanding program requirements, policies and procedures.


Alumni Association is an effective part of the college educational programmed. Alumni are a resource that is given a strong and active focus. The NCBA&E Alumni Association actively holds periodical events that help foster the bond and strengthen the networking among its alumni.


NCBA&E has developed strong links with the industry in terms of professional placement of its graduates and its human resource requirements for training and educational programs. Today, our graduates are working in different large and medium national and multinational organizations. In addition to the strong placement program, NCBA&E also ventures in joint professional projects with the industry for mutual advancement.


Strong focus is given on personality development in addition to their academic excellence. The college has initiated various programs like inter college debates, quiz competition, dramatics, concerts, campus newsletter editorial board, educational and excursion tours that provide them with opportunity to gain exposure and enrich their studentship experience at NCBA&E.


Information Center is headed by the Admission Officer. Students can obtain all the relevant information about different academic programs, placement opportunities and admission in foreign universities.