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Quotes_open NCBA&E feels like home and i really enjoyed being there during my studies. Quotes_close
-- Arfat Arif , Accountant @ 3 A Pharmacuitical
Quotes_open I am proud to be part of NCBA&E Alumni. Quotes_close
-- Muhammad Rafiq Amer , ERP Coordinator @ Gulf Mahmal Support Services Company
Quotes_open NCBA&E, miss you. The two years spent over here are the best part of my life. Wish i could be part of it again. Quotes_close
-- Imtiaz Karim , Procurement/Logistics Officer @ ACTED-International Pakistan
Quotes_open It is a marvelous Prestige for me to be a part of NCBA&E. Quotes_close
-- Wasif Saeed , Director @ A&S Distributors
Quotes_open Proud to be a part of this renowned institution Quotes_close
-- AFZAL MAHMOOD , Statistical Officer @ FBR- Customs
Quotes_open Time in NCBA was the Golden time which I spend with my Group.. it is unforgettable.. Quotes_close
-- Mirza Fraz Hussain , Sales Coordinator @ Crystal Gallery